WilliamPoulin02Ever met anyone who actually WANTS to be a game-show host before?

With over thirty years of experience in front of crowds, and with a love of trivia and of games in general, William Poulin dreams of being a quizmaster.

As an actor, William has appeared in well over 100 live stage productions.  He has played everything from a background-player in community and school theatre to lead roles in major professional productions.

William has performed single-night special shows, a three-and-a-half year run of Agatha Christie’s “The Mousetrap” (in the midst of a 27 year run of that show in Toronto) and everything in between. He originated the roles of Eddie in “A Year In The Death Of Eddie Jester (full version)”, Peter in “Gone Fishin'” and Jerry in “Self Help ​By Dummie​z.” The role of Bill in “Stalemate” was written especially for him.

Eye Magazine once raved “Actor William Poulin commands the stage…”

On film & television, William has been seen on major network shows like “Flashpoint”, “The Listener” and “Covert Affairs”.  He has appeared in the feature films “Killing Schrodinger’s Cats”, ​”Android Reenactment”, “The Boy Who Smells Like Fish” and the recent Ken Finkleman project “God & Country”.

In addition to acting, for the last ten years William has been honing ​his skills both as an Emcee and as a a Quizmaster.  He has hosted many municiple events in his hometown of Brampton, Ontario as well as many private and corporate functions.  He has also hosted pub-quiz style trivia nights, for which he not only acts as Quizmaster, but writes all the questions as well. Trivialitycheck is a way for William to share his love of trivia with the world.

​William is available as quizmaster, actor or emcee.

Contact him via this website.