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Ah, vacation.  Mine starts today.  Huzzah!  And for that reason, I’m being a bit lazy and posting a re-run of a quiz I did long ago, before I had the website (so most of you won’t have seen this).  Everyone have a groovy long weekend.

Okay, here’s the game… you’re in 1984. You’ve got one of those new-fangled car radios that has the ‘scan’ feature on it. It’ll skip through a bunch of radio stations and play little snippets of songs, and you stop on the one you want to hear. But how can you tell if you like the song, when you only hear such a small part?

The attached ten sound clips are all the very beginnings of big, big hits from 1984. How many titles and artists can you name?  Clips are very brief, so pay attention!

Keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for those stars.


QM Bill


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