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Jimi Hendrix’s “Little Wing” has been covered by a lot of artists. For guitarists much more talented than I am, it’s one you can really wail on. A bunch of the greatest musicians in the world, along with some incredibly talented vocalists, have tried their hand at the classic tune.

The soundclip for this quiz is a mixture of eleven different versions by different artists. The first part you’ll hear is the original Hendrix. No points for that one. But the ten clips which follow it are each by a cover artist, duo, or group. For one point each, simply name them.

NOTE: some clips are from live performances, one is a cheesy you-tube clip, and two are entirely instrumental. Yes, I imagine the instrumentals will be very difficult for a lot of people. Get a guitar playing friend to help you. And the second last clip sounds very different from this particular band’s biggest hit.

ALSO NOTE: There is a one second gap between segments, to help you differentiate which bits are different.

Have fun!

QM Bill

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