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Sigh… I liked the quiz about letters I posted yesterday. I wish I hadn’t accidentally posted the answers in the same post. Ah, well… I guess when it comes to the details of posting, I’ll have to be more…

“Persnickety” means (according to Webster’s Dictionary) ‘fussy about small details’. And you’ll have to pay close attention to the fine print if you want to solve all ten of the questions below.

Each clue is a definition (or partial definition) of a word which can be spelled using ONLY the letters found in the word ‘persnickety’. You may use the letter e twice, because it appears twice in ‘persnickety’. All other letters may be used only once.


1) A slang term for the buttocks.
2) One who is learning, usually from a master of a particular craft.
3) To convert from one system of communication into another, usually to obscure the meaning for the purposes of secrecy
4) A disease leading to a softness and deformation of the bones
5) The unsaturated hydrocarbon C8H8, used chiefly in making synthetic rubber
6) The villain in a popular creation myth
7) A mostly out-of-use word for itinerant repairmen
8) Afflicted, usually by disease, misfortune, or sorrow
9) Showing remarkable foresight or anticipation
10) A proof of purchase

QM Bill

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