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So you think Justin Trudeau is hunky?  Well, would you believe John A MacDonald was a pin-up calendar model before going into politics?  Did you know that Charles Tupper was only called ‘Tupper’ because of his bedroom conquests?  Did you know that Joe Clark once kissed a girl?

Actually, none of that is true (sorry Joe) but our previous PMs have been around for their share of memorable events, even if they weren’t directly involved.

Can you figure out whose stint as PM coincides with the events below?

Who was Prime Minister Of Canada when…
1)…the Berlin Wall went up?
2)…the Berlin Wall came down?
3)…the first Bluenose launched from Lunenburg, Nova Scotia?
4)…the Toronto Maple Leafs last won a Stanley Cup?
5)…Elvis Presley was born?
6)…The Second Anglo-Boer War was fought?
7)…Truman Capote (author), J.B. Priestly (author), Richard Burton (actor) and Ernest Tubb (banjo-ist) all died?
8)…When Israel became a U.N. member state?
9)…Canadian women first had the right to vote in Federal elections (well, most Canadian women anyway)?
10)…Alexander Graham Bell patented the telephone?


QM Bill

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