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“You’re a gentleman, a scholar and a fine judge of horseflesh.” Or maybe it’s “scholar and gentleman”. Or maybe it’s not horseflesh, but whiskey. Or maybe it’s both. The internet has as many phrasings and origins for this phrase as it does official Taylor Swift fan clubs. Innumerable.

But the horse-related tidbits below are not quite so uncertain. How much do you know of equine lore?

1) What triple crown winner was sired by Fair Play out of Mahubah, on March 29, 1917?
2) While riding your horse, you encounter a tiger trap, a coffin or a trakehner. What should you do?
3) Which figure of fiction rode a horse called Rocinante?
4) Which figure of history rode a horse called Bucephalus?
5) Which royal figure died when, whilst celebrating after a battle, his horse bucked and thrust the pommel of the saddle deep into his abdomen? The resulting internal injuries led to perotinitis and death.
6) What type of horse-related equipment can come in Weymouth, Liverpool or Cambridge varieties?
7) What is the now-standard equivalent of the measurement “hand”, in inches?
8) Where on a horse are the withers?
9) What is the most common number of nail holes in a horeshoe? (I’m informed that it is quite common to not use them all)
10) The Byerley Turk, ridden by Captain Byerley in King William’s Wars in the late 1600s, is the earliest Foundation Sire of what horse breed?

QM Bill

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