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I’m not a sports guy. I don’t care who wins or loses. But the stuff that goes on around sports can be really interesting. You don’t have to know anything about who won or lost to answer these questions:

1) Serena Williams recently announced that she was pregnant, and furthermore that she only found out herself two days before the start of which Grand Slam event, which she won?
2) The first-round match between Frances Tiafoe and Mitchell Krueger at The Sarasota Open was delayed for what unusual cause?
3) Kathrine Switzer again completed what sporting achievement recently, 50 years after becoming the first woman ever to do so (officially)?
4) Last month, Dustin Johnson postponed his honeymoon so he could play in The Masters, starting April 6th. How did he perform at that tournament?
5) What revered racer, fan favourite, and scion of racing royalty announced his retirement from NASCAR as of the end of this season?
6) What Sports Broadcasting organization laid off 100 employees this week, including on-air talent like NFL commentator Ed Werder, and newsdesk anchor Jay Crawford?
7) Which tennis star won her first match at the Porsche Grand Prix on Wednesday, coming back after a fifteen month doping ban?
8) What sport, amateur and professional, saw record-breaking betting with Las Vegas bookmakers, with over $439.5 Million bet on the sport in the month of March?
9) What’s the name of the former NFL player who was convicted of First-Degree Murder in 2015 and hanged himself in prison earlier this month?
10) Washington Capitals player Alexander Ovechkin has vowed to compete in what upcoming event, despite an NHL decision to not allow its players to do so?


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