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A special New Year’s edition of Trivialitycheck…

I don’t know how it was for you, but 2016 kinda sucked for me. Lots of reasons.

But one thing that always cheers me up is… babies! Seriously I love babies. If you have any cute baby pics, send ’em my way.

And in the meantime… here are some New Year’s Babies for you. Each of the clues below should lead you to the name of a famous person who was born on January 1st in the year given. For each, simply provide the name.

1) 1449 – Unofficial ruler of the Florentine Republic, patron of the arts, and father of Pope Leo X (full name please)
2) 1944 – WWE (WWF) Wrestling personality, ‘manager’ for Hulk Hogan, Ted ‘The Million Dollar Man’ DiBiase and The Honky Tonk Man among others, nicknamed the “Mouth Of The South”
3) 1895 – Law Enforcement official who introduced forensic laboratories and a centralized fingerprint file to the FBI, portrayed on film by Leonardo DiCaprio
4) 1900 – Spanish-American bandleader and actor. His band played the opening of the Waldorf Astoria in 1931, and remained the official house band there until after WWII. Had a big hit with “Perfidia” in 1940
5) 1735 – Boston silversmith and member of “The Sons Of Liberty”, subject of a Longfellow poem
6) 1912 – Member of the “Cambridge Five” ring of spies, nicknamed for a character in a Kipling story
7) 1969 – actor and stuntman most famous as “Mini Me”
8) 1958 – Hip-Hop DJ pioneer, backed by the Furious Five
9) 1949 – American author known for “The First Wives Club”, made into a ’96 hit film with Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn and Dianne Keaton
10) 1933 – Brit playwright remembered for hits like “Loot” and for being brutally murdered by his boyfriend in 1967

QM Bill

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