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Most of us know, even if we don’t follow sports regularly, who won the big championships. It’s hard to miss coverage of Baseball’s World Series, Football’s World Cup, other Football’s Superbowl or Hockey’s uh… sorry, I’m a Toronto fan and can’t remember what it’s called…

But there are many other competitions that just don’t get the same kind of coverage.

Here are some questions about champions and championships that don’t usually make it to the sports pages.

1) After a tournament held in Stamford CT in March of this year and hosted (as always) by Will Shortz, Howard Barkin was named the 2016 champion in what activity?
2) Johnny Moss (70 &71), Doyle Brunson (76 & 77), Stu Ungar (80 & 81) and Johnny Chan (87 & 88) have all been back-to-back winners of what event, held annually in Las Vegas since 1970? Canadian Johnathan Duhamel won in 2010.
3) Phil Heath has won which professional event for the past five years in a row (2011-2015 inclusive) on his way to tying the eight-victory records set by Lee Haney and Ronnie Coleman? A certain Hollywood heavyweight has won seven times.
4) Wellington Jighere of Nigeria is the current English language champion in what game, having won the 2015 tournament held in Perth, Australia and sponsored by Mattell corporation?
5) Beth Royal’s ‘Peanutty Pie Crust Clusters’, Glori Spriggs’ ‘Loaded Potato Pinwheels’ and Christina Verelli’s ‘Pumpkin Ravioli with Salted Caramel Whipped Cream’ are all recent winners of what long-running contest?
6) Despite a decision by officials to toughen up the final rounds, what grade-school competition ended in a tie for the third consecutive year in 2016, with 11yr old Nihar Janga and 13yr old Jairam Hathwar being declared co-champions?
7) In 2015, rock-climber and occasional busboy Isaac Caldiero became the first American to complete Stage 4 of what televised competition, after ‘climbing Mt. Midoryama’ in 26.14 seconds?
8) Which competition changed the format in 2016, replacing “swimwear” with “athletic wear” in an effort to modernize, but still crowned a white girl who tweeted the ‘n-word’ four times in the past?
9) “The camel died quite suddenly on the second day, and Selena fretted sulkily and, buffing her already impeccable nails–not for the first time since the journey began–pondered snidely if this would dissolve into a vignette of minor inconveniences like all the other holidays spent with Basil.” This tortured prose by Gail Cain of San Francisco was the first ever winner of what prize, awarded in 1983, and awarded every year since to the “the opening sentence to the worst of all possible novels”?
10) What renowned magician and skeptic offered a US$1,000,000 prize to anyone who could demonstrate psychic/paranormal/supernatural abilities under controlled scientific circumstances?

QM Bill

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