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I am not a pet person. In either sense.

My family had a dog for less than a year, when I was less than two. It died in what I have constantly maintained were perfectly natural circumstances. But technically I had a pet just long enough to be able to choose a security question on websites. Nonetheless, pets are such a huge part of our lives that writers seem compelled to include them on TV shows. And some of those pets become – almost – characters themselves.

Given the pet, can you name the TV show?

1) A dog called Paul Anka
2) Gary the snail
3) A Cockatoo named Fred
4) Elvis the alligator, who lived on a boat
5) A dog called Buck, who occasionally had voice-over ‘lines’
6) Spot, the dragon who lived under the stairs
7) A lethargic Basset Hound called Flash
8) A pit-bull called Backup, who acted as … well, you know
9) A pig named Arnold
10) A (presumably well-adjusted) Jack Russell Terrier called Eddie

QM Bill

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