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The car in “My Mother The Car” was a 1928 Porter. Fun fact: There’s no such thing. It was a mock-up created and maintained by Norman Grabowski. Grabowski was an actor and also a hot-rod enthusiast, most famous for inventing the style of modified Model T known as the T-Bucket. He also made the ‘Kookie Car’ used on ’77 Sunset Strip’.

It would be hard to look at one of Grabowski’s heavily customized vehicles and easily identify the make and model, but if you’d ever seen it before, you’d instantly know which show it was on.

The cars below are much more recognizable as ‘normal’ make-and-model cars. But they are equally recognizable (with a hint or two) as being on a specific television show. Right?

Given the clue to the vehicle, name the TV show on which it regularly featured:

1) A red 1957 Ford Thunderbird, parked in the living room
2) A black 1967 Chevy Impala, often referred to as ‘baby’, with a trunk full of weapons
3) A 1957 Chevrolet School Bus, painted in the style of Mondrian’s Composizione 1921
4) A 1955 Ford concept car called the “Lincoln Futura”, with a custom detailing
5) A ‘cut-down’ 1921 Oldsmobile Model 46 Roadster, packed high with an entire family’s belongings in the opening credits
6) A 1974 Gran Torino, red with a white ‘vector’ stripe
7) A 1969 Dodge Charger, orange, with an ’01’ painted on each door (and another distinctive marking, omitted in a commercial for ‘AutoTrader’ shot in 2015)
8) A heavily customized 1965 Chrysler Imperial Crown sedan, called ‘Black Beauty’
9) A black 1982 Firebird with an oscillating red light on the front, and the voice of William Daniels
10) A 1964 Peugot convertable, almost as worn-out looking as it’s driver’s trenchcoat

QM Bill

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