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I have never bought house paint.

If you have, especially recently, this might be quite easy for you. I don’t know. Or maybe, I’ve created a diabolically impossible quiz. That’d be fun, too.

The Dulux Colour range of paints has millions of shades in its palette. And unlike the standard spectrum of visible light and it’s boring old Roy G. Biv seven, Dulux classifies their colours into twelve colour families.

Given three members of a Dulux ‘colour family’, identify the family. Most are standard colours but a few… aren’t. Have fun.

NOTE: I’m looking for the name that Dulux gives the colour range. If you wanna argue about whether something is ‘purple’ or ‘violet’ that’s fine, but the name Dulux gives is the only correct answer.

1) Party Surprise, Jasmine Shimmer, Sweet Sundae
2) Coastal Glow, Desert Wind, Harvest Fruits
3) Chalky Downs, Nomadic Glow, Sultana Spice
4) Grecian Spa, Willow Creek, Peppermint Beach
5) Fragrant Cloud, Martian Skies, Velvet Ribbon
6) Layered Chiffon, Cocoa Blush, Exotic Spice
7) Silken Sunrise, Hot Paprika, Mexican Mosaic
8) Bermuda Cocktail, Summer Medley, Royal Regatta
9) Delhi Bazaar, Easter Morn, Sulpher Springs
10) Tarragon Glory, Celtic Forest, Soft Apple

QM Bill

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