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Back in the day, when Frankie & Deano were belting out the standards and broads were swooning, everybody was singing everybody else’s songs. In Billboard’s Top 30 for 1950, three songs each made the list twice, performed by different artists. In the expanded Top 100 of 1956, “Ivory Tower” and “Why Do Fools Fall in Love” were on the list three times each.

But that’s become a little less common in the “Rock” era. Rockers, it seems place a certain esteem on doing their own thing (man!) and it’s not cool to go around copying others (dude!). Usually.

Sometimes, when you’re a big established artist, you can get away with a cover song, if it’s seen as paying homage to another artist. Which is, presumably, what all these folks were trying to do.

Each of these clips is a famous Rock artist, performing a song by another famous Rock artist. For each one, can you name the artist performing, the artist who did the original version of the song, and the title of the track? That’s three points per question, total of 30.

(NOTE: I’m experimenting with a different format of audio posting than I’ve used before. It works fine for me, hope it works for you, too. If you’re having trouble getting the songs to play, I suggest an actual computer (as opposed to phone or tablet) and playing direct from the Trivialitycheck.com website. Thanks.)

Question 01:

Question 02:

Question 03:

Question 04:

Question 05:

Question 06:

Question 07:

Question 08:

Question 09:

Question 10:

QM Bill

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