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263c3f6e00000578-0-image-a-1_1425337593840There’s an excellent British gameshow called ‘Countdown’. It’s a daytime thing, kind of quiet and conservative, and it’s been running for decades. I love the show, and it’s not because co-host Rachel Riley is a goddess who walks the earth. Ok, it’s not JUST because co-host Rachel Riley is a goddess who walks the earth.

It’s a really fun game to play along with. They put nine random letters up on the board, and you’ve got a 30-second ‘countdown’ during which to make the longest word possible. Most letters wins the round. There’s also a math round, a celebrity guest spot, and Susie Dent, an actual compiler for the Oxford English Dictionary does a regular ‘origins of words’ piece. Simple and fun.

Every episode ends with the ‘conundrum’ round. A pre-selected set of nine letters is put on the board, letters all mixed up, and the players race to be the first to solve the jumble into a proper word.

Below are nine of those final conundrum puzzles. Each is a nine letter word with the letters all mixed up. I simply want you to sort them into the proper word. BUT… I want you to pretend that you’re on the show, and that a loud ticking clock is counting you down through 30 seconds, and if you haven’t solved it in under that time, you don’t get the points.

Obviously, I have no method of enforcing the 30 second rule. I rely on your honour.












QM Bill

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