And the Buckeye Newshawk award goes to Todd J, who scored a well-informed 7/10.  Way to go, Todd.

1) Google ran into trouble this week, when they tried to call their new development division ‘Alphabet’ and found out that what other corporation already owns the trademark on that company name?


2) How did Hilary Clinton ask twitter followers to express their feelings regarding student loan debt?

IN THREE EMOJIS OR LESS (How embarassing for her. It should be ‘three emojis or fewer‘.)

3) Having successfully traversed much of Europe and Canada, a hitchhiking robot met its end where?

PHILIDELPHIA (hitchbot was beaten and dismembered by citizens of the City Of Bortherly Love)

4) The International Olympic Committee recently recognized what sport, and its governing body the WFDF, paving the way for the sport’s inclusion in future Olympic Games?


5) What convicted killer is set to be released from prison this week, having served only 304 days for his crime?

OSCAR PISTORIUS (an appeal of his light sentence was still pending at the time of writing, so he may go back in. In the meantime he will be on ‘corrective supervision’ and wearing an electronic tag, presumably not on his ankle.)

6) With the fifteen games played on Tuesday August 11th, what happened for the first time in Major League Baseball history?


7) What long-running show is being picked up by HBO, allowing them to produce nearly twice as many episodes per season, and also, presumably, to be ‘sponsored’ by some more colourful words?

SESAME STREET (In keeping with HBOs programming style, the puppets will continue to be mostly nude)

8) A Latvian airline flight from Oslo to Crete was delayed when both pilot and co-pilot failed to do what?

PASS A BREATHALYZER TEST (Pilot, co-pilot and two other flight crew members registered as intoxicated on the tests. The copilot registered at seven times the legal limit, and admitted to drinking “two bottles of whisky and some beer”. Presumably, they were not airplane bottles.)

9) What company apologized for posting a message on Facebook to celebrate South Africa’s ‘Womens Day’, because their message read in part “Think Like A Man.”?

BIC (The full message read “”Look like a girl, Act like a lady, Think like a man, Work like a boss” and was just as disposable as the company’s pens.)

10) The Cotopaxi Volcano threatened eruption last week, sparking a State Of Emergency in what nation?



QM Bill

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