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Yep, it’s nearly green-beer day. Officially it’s the Feast Day of Saint Patrick, held on March 17th ’cause that’s when he died. I’m sure he appreciates how much everyone looks forward to celebrating his death.

But he’s not the only Patrick we could commemorate. Any one of these Patrick’s might do…

Which Patrick…

1) … is often referred to simply by his initials, NPH?
2) … is not a number (except he was No. 6)?
3) … replaced Chuck Woolery in 1981?
4) … was married to a US President?
5) … was a 7-foot tall #33 for the NY Nicks?
6) … wrote stories of Captain Jack Aubrey and Dr Stephen Maturin?
7) … was an astronomer who presented “The Sky At Night” on BBC TV from 1957-2013?
8) … was the sixth President of Ireland, from 1976-1990?
9) … usually goes by his last name, and sang for the Smiths? (full three-part name please!)
10) … was The Man From Atlantis?

QM Bill

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