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Barbecuing tonight! Taking advantage of the mild weather and having a nice grilled sirloin steak with a garden salad. It’s tricky to barbecue a salad, but I’m giving it a shot.

Speaking of food…

1) If you’re eating roast squab, you are actually eating the young of which bird?
2) Although many types are delicious and commonly used for food, you should avoid the ‘Death Cup’ and ‘Destroying Angel’ varieties of what?
3) What vegetable is mixed with tomatoes, onions and peppers, along with certain spices and sometimes cheese, to make ratatouille?
4) What is happening to food if it undergoes the Maillard Reaction?
5) The Greek version of what prepared food, also common in Swedish and Italian cuisine, are called keftedakia?
6) In Jewish dietary laws, what term is the opposite of ‘kosher’?
7) According to the official Butterball guidelines, where on the turkey should you place the meat thermometer to check how well-done your bird is?
8) What type of meat is most commonly found in the rural American dish Scrapple?
9) Gumbo is usually made using okra as a thickening ingredient, but it can also be the filé powder type, which instead uses the dried and ground leaves of which tree?
10) Crêpe Suzette, Bananas Foster and Cherries Jubilee are desserts traditionally served in what manner?

QM Bill

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