A huzzah and hooray to Todd McG, who scored a majestic 6½ on this weeks quiz.  Todd plays the King at Medieval Times, so Castles may be his… realm.  Well done, your majesty!

1) What does fast food chain White Castle call it’s miniature hamburgers?


2) What material did Edward Leedskalnin use to construct a ‘castle’ he named Rock Gate Park in Florida, just north of Homestead?

CORAL (“Coral Castle” is a tourist attraction now, and local lore is rife with stories of Leedskalnin having built the entire edifice himself, using either ancient Masonic secrets or supernatural powers.)

3) What gothic monstrosity of a building features in three novels by Mervyn Peake?


4) Which King built the castle Chateau Gaillard on the banks of the seine, only to have the French army lay siege and take it from him in 1204 AD?

RICHARD I (Richard The Lionheart)

5) On the TV show ‘Castle’ what is the name of author Richard Castle’s fictional detective, based on his partner Kate Beckett?

NIKKY HEAT (several ‘Nikki Heat’ novels have actually been published, credited to the fictional author Richard Castle)

6) In medieval castle architecture, what term is used to describe the area outside the main keep, but inside the castle walls?


7) Of all the current royal residences of the British monarchy, only two are considered to be castles. For half a point each, name both.

BALMORAL CASTLE and WINDSOR CASTLE (Carisbrooke Castle on the Isle of Wight, Leeds Castle In Kent, Edinborough Castle and several others have all passed into other hands, mostly historical preservation societies.)

8) In the 2001 film “The Last Castle”, what type of building was the ‘castle’ in the title?

A PRISON (specifically, a military prison)

9) What historical figure was held prisoner for seven years in Hunyadi Castle, in what is now Romania?

VLAD III OF WALLACHIA (VLAD THE IMPALER)  (note:  this is the son of Vlad ‘Dracul’, so I did not accept ‘Dracula’ as an answer.)

10) In legend, which witch lived in a castle called Tugan, in Garlot, ruled by her despised husband Urien?




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