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I saw a TV program a while ago about “Hearst Castle”.  They showed some of the decor, which had been ripped out of actual medieval castles in Italy and Spain, and they showed a single tiffany lamp that was worth more than $3,000,000.00.  And they showed the swimming pool, which loses about 1,000 gallons of water a day just due to evaporation.  How’s that California drought going, by the way?

I want a castle.

1) What does fast food chain White Castle call it’s miniature hamburgers?
2) What material did Edward Leedskalnin use to construct a ‘castle’ he named Rock Gate Park in Florida, just north of Homestead?
3) What gothic monstrosity of a building features in three novels by Mervyn Peake?
4) Which King built the castle Chateau Gaillard on the banks of the seine, only to have the French army lay siege and take it from him in 1204 AD?
5) On the TV show ‘Castle’ what is the name of author Richard Castle’s fictional detective, based on his partner Kate Beckett?
6) In medieval castle architecture, what term is used to describe the area outside the main keep, but inside the castle walls?
7) Of all the current royal residences of the British monarchy, only two are considered to be castles. For half a point each, name both.
8) In the 2001 film “The Last Castle”, what type of building was the ‘castle’ in the title?
9) What historical figure was held prisoner for seven years in Hunyadi Castle, in what is now Romania?
10) In legend, which witch lived in a castle called Tugan, in Garlot, ruled by her despised husband Urien?


QM Bill


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