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Johnny Carson was the best late-night host there ever was. His reign on The Tonight Show was the pinnacle of the genre. Sure Letterman was innovative, O’Brien was outré and Pat Sajak was brief, but Carson will always be king in my books.

Carson also got the A-List guests. Big names, not just in show-biz, clamored to be on The Tonight Show and get interviewed by Johnny. Sitting in that first next to his desk was the most coveted place to be in the entertainment industry.

Each of the pictures below shows a guest in exactly that spot, next to the man himself. For each picture, name the celebrity Johnny is interviewing, AND (the tricky bit) the year that this image depicts. You can have one year either way.

Note: I know the pictures are a little fuzzy. So was most TV back then. I’m not sure of the exact provenance of the episodes these images are from, but I’m assuming they’re captured from old video… maybe VHS of SD TV. Anyway… it’s probably pretty close to what it looked like on most folks televisions back then.

Now… heeeeeeeeeeer’e the questions:

2016 06 22 HERE'S JOHNNY 01

2016 06 22 HERE'S JOHNNY 02

2016 06 22 HERE'S JOHNNY 03

2016 06 22 HERE'S JOHNNY 04

2016 06 22 HERE'S JOHNNY 05

2016 06 22 HERE'S JOHNNY 06

2016 06 22 HERE'S JOHNNY 07

2016 06 22 HERE'S JOHNNY 08

2016 06 22 HERE'S JOHNNY 09

2016 06 22 HERE'S JOHNNY 10

QM Bill

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