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I went to New York’s Metropolitan Museum Of Art a few years ago.  Spent about twelve hours wandering around with my jaw hanging open.  Such a fantastic collection of… collections.

At one point, when my legs were about to give out from wandering around all day, I sat on a bench in a relatively quiet hallway.  I stared at this one painting for what seemed like ages.  I have no idea what I found so compelling about it at the time, but I did know this:  I could not name either the artist or the title (without reading the little placard) but I recognized the painting immediately.   I had seen it before, and admired it, but it’s origins were, to my memory, never revealed to me.

It turned out it was “The Harvesters” by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, painted sometime in the mid 1500s.

Do you know your way around a gallery?  Just about anyone can name the Mona Lisa, but beyond that…?

Below are ten famous painting.  For each, simply identify the common title of the work (in English) and the artist.  Easy, right?  I would have thought so, too.


QM Bill

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