(If you’re checking out a Trivialitycheck.com ‘Pop Quiz’ for the first time: Every Wednesday (or most, anyway) I post ten trivia questions, usually on some kind of theme. If you respond with answers or guesses, I’ll tell you your score. Send your answers to host@trivialitycheck.com with the title of this post as the subject line. The full set of answers is posted the following week, along with congratulations to the high scorer(s). No googling!)

I occasionally get complaints requests from people who are more interested in academic style quizzes. Some folks actually like geography, it turns out. Science is another area that doesn’t come up too often in my trivia. I’m very aware that most of my subscribers are pop-culture oriented. But it’s nice to have something for everyone. I’m hoping this week’s POP QUIZ is satisfactory for people in both camps…

Each of the clues below has a two letter answer which, in addition to answering the question, is ALSO a two-letter abbreviation for a chemical element. For ONE POINT per question, provide the two-letter answer AND the full name of the chemical element.

Example: “Ancient Egyptian god of the sun” would lead you to ‘Ra’, which is also the abbreviation for Radium. Your answer would be “Ra – Radium”.

Got it?

Let’s go.

1) 1st person singular present indicative of the verb ‘be’
2) Monty Python’s ‘The Knights Who Say ___’
3) Spanish for ‘yes’ (no accent)
4) The sixth note of the fixed-Do solfège
5) A river flowing from the Alps to the Adriatic
6) An abbreviation meaning the way a criminal usually behaves, the standard way they perform their crimes
7) A syllable repeated by St Nick
8) Sharpton, Waxman or Hirt
9) How the common symbol known variously as the ‘arobase’, ‘arroba’ or ‘asperand’ is commonly said aloud in English
10) ‘___ Ra-Ra Boom-De-Ay’


QM Bill

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