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I’ve realized a funny thing about myself this Olympics. I enjoy watching sports, I just don’t care who wins. I watched a couple hours of Men’s diving one afternoon – sort of off and on – and listened to the commentator, and followed who was scoring higher than other people and why some dives were considered more difficult and all that. But even though a Canadian was in the running (briefly) I just didn’t care. The activity was interesting, but not the outcome.

The hoopla around the games, though. Now THAT’s interesting. How well were you paying attention to the weirder events at the 2016 Rio Olympics?

1) Japanese pole vaulter Hiroki Ogita was trying to clear a 5.3m bar, but the bar became unsteady when he brushed it with first his shin and then his thigh as he went over. What finally knocked the bar off, eliminating Ogita from contention?
2) Judo contender Islam el-Shehaby of Egypt was sent home by his team after refusing to do what?
3) German twins Anna and Lisa Hahner were reprimanded by their country’s Olympic officials because they both completed the Women’s Marathon while doing what?
4) Algae, a pH imbalance, and contractor error were all offered as explanations for what?
5) After losing a controversial decision to his opponent Vladimir Nikitin, Irish boxer and World Bantamweight Champion Michael Conlan sent a tweet reading ‘How much did they charge you, bro?’ directed to whom?
6) Aqua-American Michael Phelps set a record for the most individual Gold Medals won by a single athlete. Who was the previous record holder?
7) Two Mongolian wrestling coaches protested a controversial call, one which cost their athlete a medal, by doing what?
8) Seventy-one year old Irishman Patrick Hickey was arrested by Rio police for allegedly scalping tickets to high-profile events. What was Hickey’s occupation?
9) Brazilians Ingrid Oliveira and Giovanna Pedroso ended their Synchronized Diving partnership shortly after placing eighth, a poorer than expected performance which Pedrosso blames on her teammate doing what?
10) After being swamped with long lines and running out of prepared food, McDonalds in the Olympic Village imposed what limit on their “free food for Olympic athletes” policy?

QM Bill

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