She is the grim reaper of trivia!

Big congratulations to Susan McL, who scored a deadly 10/10 on this quiz, and took top honours. Way to go, Susan!

1) What famous character dies at the site of his first adventure, Styles Manor, it having been converted to a convalescent home?
2) In Which Charles Dickens novel does a character named Krook die of Spontaneous Human Combustion?
3) In “To Kill A Mockingbird”, what is the name of the falsely convicted man who is shot and killed trying to escape from prison?
4) What classic tough-guy detective story centres around the murder of blackmailer and pornographer Arthur Geiger?
5) What fictional genius died falling down Reichenbach Falls in the story “The Final Problem”?
6) In the novel “Little Women”, the four March sisters are Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy. Which one contracts Scarlet Fever early in life, never fully recovers, and is the only sister to die in the first novel?
7) In which novel set in World War II does Private Robert E. Lee Prewitt stab and kill the abusive Staff Sergeant “Fatso” Judson?
8) When The Mountain That Rides fights the Red Viper Of Dorne, who dies?
9) What is the name of the mad first wife of Edward Rochester, who comitted suicide after setting fire to Thornfield Hall? (Note: I’m not accepting ‘Mrs Rochester’. Nice try.)
10) What’s the last name of Lenny, who asks his friend George to tell him about the rabbits one more time, just before the end?

1) HERCULE POIROT (‘The Mysterious Affair At Styles’ is the first Poirot novel, ‘Curtains’ in which he ides, is the last.)
4) THE BIG SLEEP by Raymond Chandler
5) PROFESSOR MORIARTY (Holmes came back, remember…?)
6) BETH (Elizabeth)
8) THE RED VIPER or BOTH (MAYBE) (George R.R. Martin’s “A Song Of Ice And Fire”)

Dickens apparently believed in spontaneous human combustion as a real thing. I guess he never saw the episode of C.S.I…

“The Big Sleep” is the only Raymond Chandler book I’ve read. It’s impossible for me to read Philip Marlowe’s lines and not hear Humphrey Bogart’s voice. Fun fact: The murder of the chauffer, Owen Taylor, is never solved, and at the end of the novel no one is even talking about it anymore. The story is that when Chandler was asked who killed Taylor, he replied that he had no idea. Now that’s a mystery.

A few people expressed exasperation at my interpretation of the incident at Reichenbach Falls. I would urge you to recall that “The Final Problem” like many Sherlock Holmes stories, is narrated by Watson. The story told is what Watson thought happened. We learn in subsequent stories that Watson was wrong. Sherlock Holmes survived. Moriarty did not.

George R.R. Martin is sort of famous for killing characters in vast numbers. So when two very vivid characters, both of tremendous reputation as warriors, meet in single combat, you can be sure he’ll find a way to keep things interesting. It’s one of the greatest one-on-one fight scenes I’ve ever read, and the ending is surprising and, of course, brutal. Oberyn Martel, ‘The Red Viper’, is killed in brutal, bloody violence. Ser Gregor Clegane, ‘The Mountain’, is left dying a slow, agonizing death from poison on Martel’s blade. There is some possibility that his life is saved or perhaps even revived by dark magics, although we’ll have to wait for future books to be sure.

QM Bill

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