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I wish I was a rock star. I’ve wished it since I was twelve years old. But back then, you had to either be able to sing, or actually learn how to play an instrument. I wish I was young now, when it seems none of that ‘hard work and talent’ stuff is required…

All these folks had the chops, though. That’s why they were (or are) with the band…

1) What big-band leader was backed by “His Band Of Renown”?
2) Who debuted as the lead singer of “Big Brother And The Holding Company” at San Francisco’s Avalon Ballroom on June 10, 1966?
3) What late-night comedian is regularly accompanied by Jimmy Vivino And The Basic Cable Band?
4) Jerry Casale and Mark Mothersbaugh designed ‘energy domes’ which were were then worn by themselves and the other members of which band?
5) Peter Brown was an integral member fo which Band’s support team, having worked for their original manager in the record store he owned, acted as personal assistant for the band, ran their record label and took over as manager when the first fellow passed away?
6) Richard Hudson, John Ford, and Brian Willoughby had all been members of UK band “The Strawbs” before forming what punk-influenced pop act in the late ’70s? Their first albim “Bad Habits” became a bigger hit in Canada than anywhere else.
7) What was the principal contribution of Ben Carr to “The Mighty Mighty Bosstones” and Mark “Bez” Berry to “The Happy Mondays”?
8) Formerly known as “Allan and the Silvertones”, “Chad Allan and the Reflections” and “Chad Allan & the Expressions”, what name did the band take when Chad Allan himself quit to go to college?
9) What former “Small Faces” drummer joined the Who after the death of original drummer Keith Moon? His first full album as a member of the band was 1981’s “Face Dances”.
10) Who plays saxaphone for “Dr Teeth And The Electric Mayhem”?

QM Bill

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