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A friend of mine, many years ago, ruined his car because he never checked the oil. He was driving along one day and the engine just seized up, and that was it for that car. Fun fact: he was driving his boss around at the time. Many folks mocked him for making such a basic error, but I did not because I know nothing about cars.

But, despite that, I know a surprising number of car related terms. I just don’t use them to talk about cars. You see what I’m driving at?

For example: “the edge or lip of a glass” might also be “rim”, and “rim” is a car part. See? Simple.

Read each of the clues below and provide the word that fits the definition, and is also a name for part of a car.

1) Manufacture of “Stratocaster” and “Telecaster” guitars
2) Jewelry, usually gold, worn on the teeth
3) Information that may reveal key plot points about a film
4) A street thug or gangster, or (with an apostrophe) the neighbourhood in which such a person might live
5) A hat for an English lady, or maybe an English baby
6) Part of a fort or castle equipped with artillary or ammunition
7) Part of a pinball machine that applies force back to the ball when struck
8) To flag or fail from exhaustion
9) The part of the body that is neither head nor limb
10) To join or blend together, to bond

QM Bill

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