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TV series have been made based on some pretty flimsy material. What if this horse could talk, what if my mother was a car, what if Patricia Arquette could act? Some terrible ideas.

One way to protect yourself from making a whole TV show about something people don’t like is to base it on something people already like. Or at least, some people. Those weird, solitary, anti-social individuals who read books.

Given some clues about a novel or series of novels – clues which may or may not include title and author – name the television series which is based on those books. Remember, we’re looking for the name of the TV show, not the original novel(s).

1) Kathy Reichs, a forensic anthropologist, published her first ‘Temperance Brennan’ novel, “Déjà Dead” in 1997.
2) A 1977 epic fantasy which drew heavily on Tolkien for inspiration, “Sword of (blank)” spawned multiple sequels, including “Elfstones of (blank)” and “Wishsong of (blank)”.
3) Jeff Lindsay is the author of eight novels so far featuring as their unusual hero a serial killer who kills other killers.
4) As books, these Charlaine Harris stories are collectively called “The Southern Vampire Mysteries”.
5) Prolific thriller writer Robert Littell was a US Navy man and a journalist during the cold war, which may have inspired a book subtitled ‘A Novel of Dissimulation’, about undercover agents and the complicated false biographies they maintain.
6) “Dragonfly In Amber” is the second novel in this series which includes time-travel, clan warfare and infidelity.
7) Chuck Hogan is one of the co-authors of this trilogy of novels in which vampirism spreads like a virus. His writing partner is a respected horror/fantasy director.
8) “Pronto” by Elmore Leonard was the first novel to feature a certain stetson-sporting US Marshall, who also appeared in “Riding The Rap”, the short story “Fire In The Hole” and eventually a novel simply named after him, “Raylan”.
9) Teen-lit author Sara Shepard has sixteen books to date in this series, about teenage girls Spencer, Hanna, Aria and Emily who are presumably attractive, small and dishonest.
10) John Wilson Murray, Ontario’s first full-time criminal detective, served as the inspiration for these novels by Maureen Jennings, featuring a Toronto detective with a keen interest in science.

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