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As far as I can tell, all of the news stories referenced below are REAL NEWS. But who can really be sure these days?

This week, the mainstream media is reporting that India launched 103 satellites all at once, that the UCONN women’s basketball team chalked up their 100th straight victory (go Huskies!) and that “La La Land” was good. At least one of those stories if obviously false.

Which recent news, real or fake, do you remember?

1) Monopoly producers Parker Brothers recently announced that which old standard token will be replaced with something new, to be decided by an online vote by fans?
2) How did White House (unim)Press(sive) Secretary Sean Spicer mistakenly refer to the Canadian Prime Minister?
3) Restaurant Brands international, which already own Burger King and Tim Horton’s, announced that they intended to purchase which other fast-food chain, in $1.8Billion dollar deal?
4) A meeting between French Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen and Lebanese religious leader Abdellatif Deryan was abruptly canceled when Le Pen refused to do what?
5) Space X launched a rocket to resupply the ISS this week, and had the first stage land safely exactly where it took off, to be refurbished and reused, all from what historical launch facility?
6) Who mistakenly landed his single-engine private plane on a taxi lane earlier this month, narrowly missing collision with a Boeing 737?
7) Patrick Park, a musician and composer who has previously worked as a music teacher, Karate instructor and retail clerk, and who claims to have memorized ‘every word, every note’ of the film “The Sound Of Music”, is reportedly Donald Trump’s pick for what office?
8) A group of NASA scientists has submitted a proposal to the International Astronomical Union, which may result in the reversal of which infamous 2006 decision?
9) What was unusual about the music played at the Grammy’s while the band Megadeth walked ot the stage to accept their “Best Heavy Metal Album” award?
10) City workers in Dighton Massachusetts are mixing what with road salt, saying it “sticks better to roadways, making the salt more effective”?

QM Bill

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