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A sort of General Geography this week. The last time I had a geography quiz, we had three players with 10/10. Let’s see if they can distinguish themselves again.

For my part, these questions are way too tough for me. Seriously, I would be unable to answer my own questions.

1) Kilamanjaro, Africa’s tallest mountain, is in what country?
2) What unusual distinction is shared by Uzbekistan and Leichtenstein, and no other countries in the world?
3) What is the larget African nation by population?
4) What is the only country to share a border with both the only nation whose name begins with a Q, and the only nation whose name ends with a Q?
5) Before Mozambique achieved independence in 1975, the capital city of Maputo was known by what name, the name of the Portuguese Explorer who established a trading station there in the 1500s?
6) Fuerteventura, meaning ‘Strong Wind’, is an island that is part of which archipeligo?
7) Cape Columbia, Canada’s northernmost point, is on what island?
8) Somali, Nazca, Caroline, Cocos, Burma and New Hebrides are all examples of what “minor” geographic features?
9) What borough of New York City is the only one entirely on the US Mainland?
10) The eastern basin of what former lake is now called the Aralkum desert, the lake having almost completely dried up due to Soviet-era river diversion?

QM Bill

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