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Last week’s quiz was a spring-inspired list of Robins.  This week, it is a still-seasonal exploration of green-ness…

1) The presence of small amounts of what element gives an emerald it’s distinctive green colouring?
2) The film ‘Soylent Green’ is based – somewhat loosely – on the 1966 science fiction novel ‘Make Room! Make Room!’ by which author?
3) What name is shared by municipalities in Florida, Kentucky, Missouri, and Ohio? The name consists of a sport and a colour (the colour should be fairly obvious by now).
4) In the Stephen King serial novel “The Green Mile”, what is the Green Mile?
5) What is the primary flavour of Absinthe, also known as “la fée verte” (the green fairy)?
6) Canadian musician Dallas Green, formerly of Alexisonfire, records and performs using what ‘band name’, even though he is a solo artist?
7) Who was the first Pro Golfer to win a Green Jacket for victory at the Masters golf tournament in Augusta, Georgia?
8) The Green River, starting in the Wind River Mountains in Wyoming, is the largest tributary to what major river?
9) What is the capital and largest city of Greenland?
10) In his first appearance, what colour was the Incredible Hulk?

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QM Bill

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