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On this day, February 1 2017, NBC will air the 400th episode of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”. It was the first Law & Order spin-off series, and it’s the only version of the franchise still on the air.

I personally have seen every single episode of every single version of Law & Order. That’s 1,140 episodes in total. That’s more than Doctor Who (817) and more than all the Star Trek’s combined (736, depending on how you count). Most of them I’ve seen more than once. My mother and I watched the syndication of the orignal L&O so often that we used to play “spot the murderer”, often remembering who the killer was during the before-the-opening-credits teaser.

How much do you know about this enduring cultural phenomenon?

1) John Munch, an original SVU detective played by Richard Belzer, has appeared on more unique television series than any other character in TV history. He’s been seen in nine series on five networks, including The X-Files, Arrested Development and The Wire. But on which show did the character originate?
2) What was the name of the one-off TV Feature Film which saw disgraced Detective Mike Logan follow a trail of crime back to Manhattan, and right into his old squad room?
3) What position was held by Alfred Wentworth, portrayed by Roy Thinnes, in the original Law & Order pilot episode, “Everybody’s Favorite Bagman”?
4) What’s the name of the detective portrayed by John Fiore, who had brief appearances in 53 episodes, and a major role in the Mike Logan feature film?
5) What’s the position held by Elizabeth Rodgers, portrayed by Leslie Hendrix, who has appeared on all four of the New York-based Law & Order series?
6) What stand up comedian played Michael Dobson, a night club owner who got away with killing his first wife in the Law & Order episode “Coma”, but didn’t quite succeed in a second episode, “Encore”, two years later? The same comedian appeared as himself nearly ten years after his original appearance.
7) What was the name of the short-lived series set in the Law & Order ‘universe’ starring Oliver Platt as Wallace Benton, a crime columnist for tabloid paper The New York Ledger? Bebe Neuwirth, a “Trial By Jury” regular, co-starred as his editor.
8) L.A. Deputy DA Ricardo Morales, played by Alfred Molina, gave up the DA’s office to become what?
9) The original Law & Order episode “Fools For Love” was based directly on which two high-profile Canadian killers?
10) On Criminal Intent, who played Elizabeth Hitchens aka Nicole Wallace, sort-of a sexy Moriarty for Detective Bobby Goren?

QM Bill

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