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Are you tired of putting forth your best effort, only to find the Dee Dee T won the weekly trivia contest AGAIN? Well, take heart faithful quizzer, because I guarantee you, Dee Dee won’t win this one. Now is your chance!

The reason I can be so sure is that Dee Dee herself WROTE this quiz! Hooray! Big thanks for your contribution, Dee Dee. She’s a big fan of a certain cult flick, and offered to put together a quiz entirely based around that one film. Similar to my “Star Trek Trivia For Trekkies” from last year, this is a little bit hard core. If you’re not a fan of the ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, you’re going to have a rough time…

“The Rocky Horror Show” debuted in London in 1973. It ran for almost 3,000 performances. It’s Broadway run was a lttle shorter: 45, plus a few previews. The 1975 film adaptation starred Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon and Barry Bostwick. It didn’t do great in theatres until long after it’s release, when it began to be a staple of midnight screenings and cult festivals. It is now widely considered to have the longest ever theatrical run. I was too young to catch the last show at Toronto’s Roxy in 1983, but I hear it was quite an event.

How much do you know about the sweet trivia of the Sweet Tranvestite?

1) What is the first movie mentioned in ‘Science Fiction, Double Feature’?
2) There are two signs in front of the church at the beginning of the film. One shows days and times of services. What does the other sign say?
3) What is written behind the radio tower seen in the background by the pool?
4) What does it say on the back of Eddie’s jacket?
5) In which month does the movie take place?
6) Whose lips are those mouthing ‘Science Fiction, Double Feature’? Note: It’s not the singer.
7) From the wedding scene in the beginning, what is the bride’s name? (hint: it’s in a lyric)
8) How are Riff and Magenta related?
9) After the ‘Time Warp’ Brad asks the Transylvanians if they can do what dance?
10) What slogan is used on the sign promoting the city of Denton?

QM Bill

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