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My Dad used to work in a coal mine, when he was a young fella. These days he preaches a hard line about how he worked long hours, long weeks and long years starting in his teens. But he forgets that he told me his secret years ago: he used to go into his mine, dig a hole big enough to crawl into, and sleep for the rest of his shift. Hard work indeed…

1) In 1883, Thomas Flanagan, clearing land for the Canadian Pacific Railway, sparked a mining industry when he noticed an odd rust-coloured patch of recently-blasted rock just north-west of what is now the present day site of which Ontario city?
2) Fraudulent gold samples, supposedly from a mine in Busang, Indonesia, were at the heart of a fraud scandal centred around the minerals division of which TSE listed company in the mid-90s?
3) “At the bottom of this mine lies one hell of a man”… who?
4) According to MINING.com, three of the world’s top ten gold mines by production – the Carlin Trend mines, Cortez and the wittily named Goldstrike mine – are all in what country?
5) The Mponeng gold mine, owned by international conglomerate AngloGold Ashanti, is current;y the deepest mine in the world, reaching nearly 4km below the surface of what country?
6) Strip, open-pit and Mountaintop-removal are all mining techniques grouped together under which catch-all term?
7) Who performed the mining-themed dirge “Dark As A Dungeon” live at Folsom Prison for a 1968 album?
8) What is the full name of the Canadian mining company with the NYSE symbol POT?
9) What commodity is mined at EKATI, Snap Lake and Gahcho Kué?
10) Compass Minerals, a Kansas-based company, owns a mine in Goderich, Ontario which produces nine million tons of what per year?

QM Bill

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