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No theme this week, just a hodge-podge of questions and factoids which I stumbled across and had no where else to put.  Good luck!

1) What J.M. Barrie play, written before ‘Peter Pan’, leant it’s name to a popular assortment of chocolates, sold in a purple tin?
2) If you were to see an “O.V.N.I.” in France, Spain, Portugal or Italy, what might you call it in English?
3) “K numbers”, short for “Köchel numbers”, are used to catalogue the works of which composer?
4) In the twelfth century work “History Of The Kings Of Britain” by Geoffrey of Monmouth, King Arthur’s sword is called “Caliburn” instead of the name more commonly used today, “Excalibur”. In the same work, what was Arthur’s spear called?
5) Architect Oscar Niemeyer was commissioned to design all of the civic buildings in what national capital, with most work completed in time for a 1960 opening ceremony?
6) What, according to a 1946 speech given in Fulton, Missourri, stretched “from Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic”?
7) In Lewis Carrol’s “Alice In Wonderland” what were used as mallets for the croquet match?
8) In Shakespeare’s “Henry V”, the Dauphin of France sends King Henry a ‘gift’, meant as an insult and a mockery of Henry’s claim to the French throne. What gift?
9) Whose picture is on the label of every bottle of Samuel Adams Boston Lager?
10) Green weakens him, red tranforms him, gold strips him of powers and red-gold gives him amnesia. Who and what are we talking about?


QM Bill

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