(If you’re checking out a Trivialitycheck.com ‘Pop Quiz’ for the first time: Every Wednesday (or most, anyway) I post ten trivia questions, usually on some kind of theme. If you respond with answers or guesses, I’ll tell you your score. Send your answers to host@trivialitycheck.com with the title of this post as the subject line. The full set of answers is posted the following week, along with congratulations to the high scorer(s). No googling!)

It’s an end of the year clean-out at Trivialitycheck.com. I’ve rumaged around those suspicious boxes at the back of the closet, and opened all that dark tupperware in the back of the fridge, and I’m getting rid of all those loose bits and pieces this week.

In other words : it’s a ‘miscellaneous’ week. Enjoy.

1) If the first is “The Deerslayer” and the third, fourth and fifth are respectively “The Pathfinder”, “The Pioneers” and “The Prairie”, what comes second?
2) What’s the most expensive property on a standard UK Monopoly board?
3) Dionysus gave King Midas the ‘gift’ that everything he touched should turn to gold. What did Apollo do to Midas?
4) In the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm Sweden, George S Patton (later to become a four star general in the US army) was the first ever to represent the United States in what event?
5) David Bowie, Sean Connery, Dame Edna Everage and Boris Karloff have all performed the part of narrator on record for which piece of classical music?
6) In the game of cricket, what score would you have if you scored a ‘nelson’, which is considered bad luck despite being quite a high score?
7) The Zanclean Flood, which occurred 5.3 Million Years ago (on a Tuesday, about lunchtime) is thought to have filled in what previously dry sea?
8) What unique position in film history is held by the character of John Strangways, a British spy stationed in Jamaica?
9) What is divided in half, metaphorically, by the Sagittal Plane?
10) Dick Fosbury has leant his name to a technique in which sport?

I’m afraid you have to wait until NEXT YEAR for the answers…

QM Bill

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