(If you’re checking out a Trivialitycheck.com ‘Pop Quiz’ for the first time: Every Wednesday (or most, anyway) I post ten trivia questions, usually on some kind of theme. If you respond with answers or guesses, I’ll tell you your score. Send your answers to host@trivialitycheck.com with the title of this post as the subject line. The full set of answers is posted the following week, along with congratulations to the high scorer(s). No googling!)

Sometimes a bit of trivia is too good to pass up, but doesn’t fit in with any of the ‘theme’ quizzes I’ve got going. Or sometimes, the ‘theme’ I’m working on doesn’t yield enough questions for a full quiz. Either way, I never throw out a decent fact, instead I store them away in a cool, dry environment. And then, I carefully lay them out, blow the dust off ’em, and send you a round of randomness.

Answer the following miscellaneous questions:

1) The Albert Bartlett Russet was the official potato of which 2015 film?
2) Which Pope commisioned Michelangelo to repaint the vault or ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in 1505?
3) Who had a 1963 comedy hit single with a ‘camp’ adaptation of “The Dance Of The Hours”, from the opera “La Giaconda” by Amilcare Ponchielli?
4) Anzac Day, a day of remembrance observed in Australia and New Zealand, was originally established to commemorate which WWI battle?
5) Jabir (sometimes written as Geber and usually pronounced ‘hay-burr’), an 8th century Arabic alchemist known for using a confusing mix of text, arcane symbols and unsourced allusions in his writing, is considered the inspiration for what modern English word, meaning nonsense?
6) In the book of Daniel, what king sees ‘the writing on the wall’, and learns that his own death is imminent?
7) What term, which combined the German words for “to drive” and “enjoyment”, was used as a slogan in Volkswagen ads in the early 1990s?
8) If you stored your belongings in a lazarette (or lazaret), where would they be?
9) What is unusual about a word, usually a proper name or brand name, which is described as being in ‘Camel Case’?
10) What is the better known nickname of American missionary, conservationist and nurseryman John Chapman?

QM Bill

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