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FIRST A NOTE: No Trivialitycheck next week. I’m taking a vaction in New York City, and quite possibly making notes for a Big Apple themed quiz for the future. Answers to this week’s quiz and a whole new set of questions will be published on June 22nd. And now…

Hodge Podge was a rabbit in the Bloom County comic strips. He was, at times, pro-nuke, anti-nuke, a Heavy Metal bassist, a born-again fundamentalist and a crew member aboard the Starship Enterpoop.

“Hodge Podge” is also a way to describe this miscellaneous batch of questions:

1) The leader of which country lives in an official residence which was originally called ‘Gorffwysfa’ meaning ‘place of rest’ in Welsh?
2) What stately manor is the setting for both the first and last novel featuring Agatha Christie’s ‘Hercule Poirot’?
3) Kings Cross, Marylebone, Fenchurch and Liverpool in the UK and Gare du Nord, Montparnasse, Saint- Lazare and Gare de Lyon in France are the equivalent to what in North America? Your answer must include all four to be correct.
4) Instead of using ‘AD’, dates in which dystopian novel are given as ‘AF’, meaning ‘After Ford’?
5) The word ‘parsec’, the unit of astronomical distance, is formed by combining abbreviations of two other words. The ‘sec’ part stands for ‘second’. What does the ‘par’ part stand for?
6) Which classic piece of musical theatre features a vessel called The Cotton Blossom?
7) Who, although famous for other endeavours, plays clarinet for the Eddy Davis New Orleans Jazz Band and has featured at regular gigs in New York City for more than 35 years?
8) What traditional measurement for an amount of beer is equal to six firkins, or fifty-four gallons?
9) The 1,833km State Barrier Fence no 1, first of three fences which stretch across 3,256km of Australia, was constructed in the early 1900s to stop the advance of what?
10) Who received an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor in 1992, for his portrayal of a man who was himself nominated for a Best Actor Oscar in 1940?

QM Bill

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