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Another grab-bag of random factoids, neatly enumerated for your trivial pleasure.

1) For stringed instruments played with a bow, such as violins or cellos, what does the instruction “con legno” mean?
2) Who is Annie Wilkes’ favourite author?
3) What term for the tuning mechanism of a guitar is also a song by the band Bush and an album title by Deep Purple?
4) In the famous Abbot & Costello “Who’s On First” routine, what’s the name of the baseball team they are discussing?
5) Cracked, broken and sitting on a cold concrete slab, the Tsar Koloko III is nevertheless still the world’s largest what, weighing in at 201,924kg?
6) In science fiction, what is the appropriate response to the greeting “peace and long life”?
7) A brief refrain from the “The Whiffenpoof Song”, once a hit for Rudy Vallee, preceded a siren at the start of which ’70s WWII drama TV series?
8) The musical ‘South Pacific’ is based on stories by which American author?
9) What historical event (often referenced in 2016) was made possible because of Merkle’s boner?
10) The ‘Blade Runner’ in Australia, the ‘Kangoo Z.E.’ in France and the ‘G-Wiz’ in the UK are all brands of what?

Anyone who answers “Merkle’s kids” for #9 is automatically disqualified. 🙂

QM Bill

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