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Down with a cold this week. The meds have scattered my brain, and so this weeks quizzed is an eclectic collection of unconnected concepts.

It’s a Miscellany round!

1) The CBS Radio program “My Favourite Husband”, based on novels by Isabel Scott Rorick, started on radio in 1948, moved to television in 1950 (with a significant change in one character’s casting) and eventually became what classic sitcom?
2) G-Code in Japan and China, ShowView in mainland Europe and VideoPlus+ in UK & Ireland were all the same service, known as what in North America?
3) In the specialized slang of Eton college, a ‘wet bob’ is someone who participates in rowing. In which activity does a ‘dry bob’ usually engage?
4) Based on a Sean Connery movie quote, and referring to websites with repetitive images and audio, what does the internet initialism “YTMND” stand for?
5) What is the only river that passes through four current National Capital Cities?
6) Which 1985 Disney release is based on the “The Chronicles of Prydain” by Lloyd Alexander, which draw heavily on Welsh mythology?
7) By what ‘family’ nickname was country star and TV performer Louis Marshall Jones known?
8) Blood Tongue, Mortadella and Sopressata are all types of what?
9) Henderson’s model, the Roper-Logan-Tierney model and the Neuman Systems model are all popular theories on the practice of what profession?
10) What is the only country to share a border with both the only nation whose name begins with a Q, and the only nation whose name ends with a Q?

QM Bill

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