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Sometimes I come across a little factoid that’s too fun to pass up, but which doesn’t fit in with any of the themed rounds I like to put together. So I collect them, and they become the miscellany rounds. It’s not ’cause I’m too lazy to think of a theme. Honest.

1) In fiction, what famous titular painting is attributed to Basil Hallward?
2) With most species lacking eyelids, how does a gecko keep its eyes moist?
3) What distinction is held by the Anglo-Zanzibar war of 1869?
4) In 1958, a candidate named Cacareco got 100,000 votes in an election for City Council in São Paulo, Brazil. That was enough to win a seat, but the candidate never took office. Why?
5) British cartoonist Heath Robinson and Danish cartoonist Storm P are both best known for drawing complex and somewhat silly devices performing relatively simple tasks. What American cartoonist is famous in the same genre?
6) According to a 2006 report, approximately €3,000.00 per day are collected from which famous Rome landmark?
7) The new Wembley Stadium in London, which opened in 2007 to replace the crumbling old Wembley Stadium, holds an odd world record: it has 2,618 of something, which is more than any other building in the world. 2,618 what?
8) What is the unique claim to fame of the website info.cern.ch/hypertext/WWW/TheProject.html (don’t click on it! clicking is cheating!)?
9) The ‘Inverted Jenny’ is a mis-printed stamp, and one of the most valuable of such items in the world. What is the ‘Jenny’ depicted on the stamp?
10) If you are travelling on a ship through the Panama Canal from the Caribbean Sea to the Gulf Of Panama, in what direction are you going?


QM Bill


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