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If you ever thought Creedence Clearwater Revival was singing “there’s a bathroom on the right”, or that Manfred Mann’s Earth Band had a hit about being “wrapped up like a douche”, then this is the quiz for you. Because you, my hard-of-hearing friend, are an expert in mondegreens.

“Mondegreen” is a term coined by Sylvia Wright, who mis-heard a lyric in the traditional Scottish ballad “The Bonnie Earl O’ Moray”. She thought the line “They have slain the Earl o’ Moray and layd him on the green” was “They have slain the Earl o’ Moray and Lady Mondegreen”. “Mondegreen” has since come to be a noun in and of itself, referring to mis-heard song lyrics.

For each of the mondegreens below, can you tell me:
a) the proper lyric
b) the title of the song
c) the original artist or band

So, three points per question, for a total of 30.

Try saying or singing these out loud if you get stuck. And remember the immortal words of Smokey Robinson, “I suck at that emotion”.

1) “and there’s a wino down the road, I should have stolen Oreos”
2) “I sometimes wish I’d never been boiled in oil”
3) “last night I dreamt of some bagels”
4) “Take your pants down, and make it happen”
5) “The girl with colitis goes by”
6) “Big ole Jed had a light on”
7) “I’m a pool hall ace”
8) “‘Scuse me, while I kiss this guy”
9) “It doesn’t make a difference if we’re naked or not”
10) “My pony plays the mamba”

QM Bill

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