(If you’re checking out a Trivialitycheck.com ‘Pop Quiz’ for the first time: Every Wednesday (or most, anyway) I post ten trivia questions, usually on some kind of theme. If you respond with answers or guesses, I’ll tell you your score. Send your answers to host@trivialitycheck.com with the title of this post as the subject line. The full set of answers is posted the following week, along with congratulations to the high scorer(s). No googling!)

This puzzle contains a hidden theme. The ten bits of trivia below, although apparently unrelated, actually conform to a theme by way of oblique references in either the question or the answer. There’s one point for each correct response, and a bonus mark for identifying the hidden theme.

As always with such quizzes, if you can figure out the theme it may help you fill in the blanks on some questions to which you may have missed the answers.

1) The Colossus of Rhodes, a huge statue considered one of the Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World, was a statue of whom or what?
2) What fierce creature is the name of the University Of Michigans twenty-seven sports teams, covering football and basketball, and everything else including water polo?
3) In which 2014 film does Jake Gyllenhall portray an unscrupulous reporter, shooting footage of road accidents and sabotaging other reporters’ work?
4) What is the name of the female sprite who attends Prospero in Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”?
5) In Homer’s “The Odyssey”, what is the name of the cyclops described as being the son of Poseidon and Thoosa?
6) What city is served by Sky Harbor International Airport?
7) A 2005 discovery of an ancient papyrus fragment may indicate that the Number Of The Beast is actually not 666, but instead is what?
8) Which Argentinian pro-golfer won the US Open in 2007 and the Masters in 2009, the first of his countrymen to ever win a Golf major?
9) If Anthony Edwards is “Goose” and Tom Skerritt is “Viper”, what is Val Kilmer?
10) “The Storm”, which features covers of songs originally by Nickleback, Hank Williams Jr, and Richard Marx, is a top-10 2007 modern country album by which artist?

QM Bill

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