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It’s the 294th day of the year! Hooray!

Today is indeed October 21, and that day has seen it’s share of prominence in history.  How much do you know about ‘Today In History’?

1) 1097: Godfrey Of Boullion leads an army of the First Crusade in laying siege to a city in what is now southern Turkey, a key provision point on the road to Palestine.  The siege would last for eight months and require two waves of reinforcements for the Crusaders before the city fell. What was the name of the ancient city?

2) 1512: What famous theologian, born in Saxony under the Holy Roman Empire, joined the faculty of the University of Wittenberg on this day with the title ‘Doctor In Bible’?

3) 1520: Who discovered a navigable sea route between Tierra del Fuego and the mainland of South America?

4) 1805: Admiral Lord Nelson leads the British Navy to victory over the combined French and Spanish fleets off the coast of Spain in what battle? Nelson died, but British forces prevailed.

5) 1854: Who found herself stationed at Scutari, where she witnessed some 4,077 soldiers die, mostly from infections contracted after they were wounded?

6) 1867: Which of Thomas Edison’s inventions, perhaps his most famous, was invented on this day? When it was tested the following day, it lasted thirteen and a half hours.

7) 1917: What jazz trumpeter and bandleader, with the real given names John Birks, was born this day?

8) 1959: The Guggenheim Museum opens to the public. What architect designed the museum?

9) 1983: The Seventeenth General Conference on Weights and Measures defines what unit of measurement as “the distance light travels in a vacuum in 1/299,792,458 of a second”?

10) 1995: What was the name of the singer and guitarist for the band “Blind Melon” who died on this day?


QM Bill

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