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I love a road trip. A few friends, some podcast comedy and an open highway. The destination doesn’t even matter. Which, I guess, is why I keep ending up in places like Sudbury and Ann Arbor. I think I should pay more attention to destinations…

Given a world-famous street, boulevard avenue or road, name the city in which you would find it located.

For example, if I said “Champs-Élysées” your answer should be “Paris”. C’est bon? Bon.

1) Bourbon Street, in the French Quarter
2) Abbey Road, on an album cover
3) Lombard Street, with hairpin turns on a steep hill
4) Orchard Road, also known as Tang Leng Pa Sat Koi
5) The Appian Way, one of the ‘all roads’ that lead there
6) 9 de Julio Avenue, the world’s widest avenue
7) Avenue Of The Americas, named to honor “Pan-American ideals and principles”
8) The Ginza, the “Times Square” of the east
9) Beale Street, where they serve booze in to-go cups
10) Circle Drive, which connects with Yellowhead Highway


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