Congratulations to Dee Dee T, who detected ten perfect answers on our investigating quiz! Way to go Dee Dee.

And thanks especially to Susan McL for a fantastic quiz. Well done!

1) Inspector Lewis
2) Mr. Bunter
3) Captain Hastings
4) Tuppence Beresford
5) Dr. Watson
6) Mr. Lugg
7) Inspector Frost
8) Bosch
9) Kojak
10) Ironside

1) ROBERT (ROBBIE) – “Lewis”, the spin-off from “Morse”
2) MERVYN – ‘batman’ and valet to aristocratic sleuth Lord Peter Wimsey
3) ARTHUR – friend and sidekick of Hercule Poirot
4) PRUDENCE – sleuthing partner and wife of Tommy, from the “Tommy & Tuppence” stories by Agatha Christie, adapted for TV recently as “Partners In Crime”
5) JOHN (ACCEPT JANE) – faithful assistant to Sherlock Holmes. Portrayed on TV by David Burke, Martin Freeman and Lucy Liu, among others
6) MAGERSFONTEIN – the former burglar and aide to Albert Campion, from the 1989/90 series “Campion” based on the novels of Margery Allingham, and starring Peter “Dr Who” Davison as Campion
7) WILLIAM (William Edward ‘Jack’) – from “A Touch Of Frost”. ‘Jack’ was just a nickname, you needed William for the point
8) HEIRONYMOUS – nicknamed Harry, but no point for that. Michael Connoly’s jaded murder cop, portrayed by Titus Welliver on what is currently TVs best cop show
9) THEOFILIDES (THEO) – who loves ya, baby? I accepted “Theo” for this one, just ’cause of spelling
10) ROBERT – the wheelchair detective, portrayed by either Raymond Burr or Blair Underwood, depending on whether or not you’re old

This was a tough quiz, for me at least. And I screwed up and said “James” for Watson instead of “John”, even though I totally knew that one. Brain cramp. I toyed with saying “Jane” and should have stuck with it.

Susan and I both considered “Morse” for this quiz, but the spin-off series “Endeavour” rather gave that one away.

I will admit, I’ve never seen the show “Campion”, and didn’t even know who the character ‘Mr Lugg’ was. It’s always good to include one stumper… special congrats to anyone who got that.

Thanks again to Susan for this wonderful quiz. If you have a quiz you’d like to share – or even just an idea for one – drop me a line and we’ll see what we can do.

QM Bill

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