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Another guest contributor! Huzzah! Big thanks to Susan McL, who submitted this quiz. Susan and I both have a prediliction for mysteries… see if you can sleuth out these answers.

There’s a great bit of trivia-about-trivia regarding detective Lieutenant Columbo’s first name. It was never revealed in the series, but a book of trivia published in the ’70s claimed it was “Philip”. In 1984, Fred L. Worth, the writer of the “Trivia Encyclopedia” sued the makers of Trivial Pursuit, at the time an incredibly hot-selling game, claiming that they ‘stole’ several tidbits of trivia out of his book. His proof was that the game included a question about Columbo’s first name, and listed the answer as “Philip”. How is that proof? Worth made it up, and included it in his book for exactly this purpose, to catch people who ripped off his work. Unfortunately for Fred, the courts accepted Trivial Pursuit’s two part argument: “Trivia Encyclopedia” was simply one of many sources they used in researching the game, and you can’t own facts anyway.

Unlike Lieutenant not-Phil, the characters below DO have first names, even if they are seldom (maybe never?) used. Each of these is a regular character on a mystery/cop television show (some quite old, many Brit imports). They are not necessarily the detective themselves. Given the surname and maybe a title of address, can you give the character’s first name?

1) Inspector Lewis
2) Mr. Bunter
3) Captain Hastings
4) Tuppence Beresford
5) Dr. Watson
6) Mr. Lugg
7) Inspector Frost
8) Bosch
9) Kojak
10) Ironside

QM Bill

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