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The J. in Michael J. Fox stands for Andrew. The story goes that when young Mr. Fox tried to join the acting union, they already had a “Michael Fox” and a “Michael A. Fox”, so he made up the J on the spot. I once saw him tell Jay Leno it stood for “genius”.

Harry S. Truman regularly used a period after his middle name, S, despite the fact that it didn’t actually stand for anything. It was apparently a compromise made to please his grandfathers Shipp and Solomon.

Each of the following famous folks are usually identified by a full name which includes a middle initial. In each case, I have left out the famous middle initial. For each, simply state the name for which the middle initial stands.

1) Author Arthur Clarke
2) Director Cecil DeMille
3) Actor George Scott
4) Political commentator William Buckley
5) Actor Samuel Jackson
6) Actress Vivica Fox
7) Pop star Mary Blige
8) Author Philip Dick
9) Journalist Hunter Thompson
10) Author Pearl Buck

QM Bill

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