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A few years ago, some friends and I went to Las Vegas. In addition to normal touristy things like gambling, going to shows and overeating, we also did something I had never done before: we went to a place where anyone can just walk in off the street and shoot machine guns. I know, right? ‘Murica.

Anyway, I thought I’d try it just to see what it was like. Much to my surprise it was (ahem) a blast! Seriously fun. For a little more than a hundred bucks, I shot two different machine guns and two different pistols. I hit the target sheet with every shot, and hit it reasonably well with about half of them. Yay me! That was my first and only experience with real guns, and fortunately I was on the ‘good’ end of it.

How much do you know about guns?

1) To determine the calibre of a gun, what do you measure?
2) What company manufactured the MP5, the most widely used submachine gun of the twentieth century?
3) What company was founded in 1852 by two men named Horace & Daniel?
4) Who patented the first revolving pistol in London in 1836, before returning home to America and mass producing the guns?
5) What is the first name of Russian General and gun designer Kalashnikov, inventor of the AK-47?
6) What brand of rifles, standard issue throughout the Commonwealth from 1895, was still being used by Canadian Forces Rangers Arctic Reserve unit up until 2012 (a 4th edition model, updated in the ’30s)?
7) What was unusual about the “Liberator” handgun designed (and the designs were distributed freely online) by a group called “Defense Distributed” in 2012?
8) The United States has won more Summer Olympic shooting medals than any other country, with 107. The old Soviet Union came in second, with 49, tied with what other nation?
9) According to official reports, who was the most famous user of a Carcano Model 1891/38 short rifle?
10) A 19 year old man identified only as Rashaad wom the 2000 Darwin Award when he died playing Russian Roulette with what type of gun?


QM Bill

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