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The colour red is closely associated with Valentine’s Day. It is also the theme of this week’s Triviality Check. Once again, big thanks go to Todd J, who sent this quiz in for us all to enjoy. Todd did the Christmas themed quiz a couple of months ago… he’s our little holiday elf. Thanks Todd! If you’ve got a quiz you’d like to share, or even just some ideas for one, drop me a line, we can work on it together.

Each of the clues below leads to an answer which includes the word ‘red’.

1) Old-Time radio comedian, also a prolific painter of Clown portraits
2) 1964 movie featuring Vincent Price, based on a Poe story
3) Colours in common on the flags of Switzerland, Poland, and Indonesia (hint: one is red)
4) Kurtwood Smith character on That 70’s Show
5) Three Primary colours of light
6) Three Primary colours of paint
7) Australian children’s character, originally played by Murray Cook, now played by Simon Price
8) 2011 Kevin Smith movie featuring John Goodman
9) 1983 live album by U2
10) 1981 novel by Thomas Harris, which spawned three sequels, two film versions (and sequels to those, too) and a TV series

QM Bill

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