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I get together with some friends all too infrequently for games nights. On the most recent, we played a new-to-us game called “Vanished Planet”. It was a cooperative game with heavy similarities to “Settlers Of Catan”. We spent nearly two and half hours of play decrying the complexity, the incomprehensibility and even the impossibility of the game in general until, in the final round, we quite unexpectedly won. At which point it was decided it was a pretty good game after all.

Do you play games? When you do, do you pay attention? How well do you know board games?

1) In the classic version of RISK, Scandinavia, Great Britain and Greenland are the only three territories capable of direct attack on which other territory?
2) How many dice are used in the standard version of the game Diplomacy?
3) What is the name of the victim in the boardgame Clue?
4) What is the name of the patient in the boardgame Operation?
5) What boardgame used a ‘pop-o-matic’ plastic bubble to roll the die?
6) The questions in which classic trivia game (also a regular newspaper column) were divided into three levels of difficulty, ‘Freshman’, ‘Graduate’ and ‘Ph.D’?
7) What are the proper names of the five commodities (yes all five!) in the original ‘Settlers Of Catan’? Proper names.
8) What is the current, popular name of the game originally invented in 1903 by Lizzie Magie as a tool for teaching Georgist economic philosophy?
9) What low-budget game company encourages you to use dice, tokens and other equipment from other boardgames when playing their games, such as “Killing Doctor Lucky” and “Unexploded Cow”?
10) In the original stage-play “The Odd Couple”, the boys gather to play poker. What boardgame is played by the girls in the female version of the play?

QM Bill

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